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Handmade in France

All our products are crafted with care in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region according to the authentic savoir-faire of French.

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French Leather

We work exclusively with high quality materials designed for prestigious luxury houses.

Our full grain leathers, qualified as noble, have all the qualities impermeability, flexibility and resistance over time.


They come from Alsace, a beautiful region where we select colors and textures to offer you the best possible sensory experience .

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Responsible approach

Reasoned exceptional material :


We select our leathers near our manufacturing workshop to minimize our carbon footprint.


In addition, we only use so-called "downgraded" skins, put aside by the famous luxury brands because of small flaws that we work around when cutting. Thus, this allows the tannery to reduce its material losses and to offer you high quality products at adjusted prices.


Finally, as this material is precious, we only use it in small touches and we reuse our leather scraps as much as possible, for example to cover our snaps or create key rings.


All our products are handcrafted and their design has been designed to be repairable by us in the event of wear or anomaly. ( see our general conditions of sale )

Our packaging:

Our boxes are made in Auvergne from eucalyptus fiber paper, FSC certified.

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Love and passion


Each product is the result

of designer / craftsman work.

Two professions of passion, which together form one to guarantee you unique pieces combining quality and timeless elegance.




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